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iLab2 summer 20 Course Content
You can find the schedule here.
prototype of a collection element
a Lab room and Linux tutorial - This tutorial introduces the lab room environment and our GNU/Linux machines.
b Programming Language Tutorials - This tutorial gives an introduction to the programming languages used in the iLab2 (C, Java, Python). It also introduces the basics of Cisco IOS.
c Cisco IOS Tutorial - This tutorial gives an introduction to the basics of Cisco IOS.
0 Demonstration lab - This lab module makes you familiar with the web based learning system.
1 Screw you, Baby Yoda – ML on device - Oh no - Baby Yoda has crashed his spaceship on Tatooine! Together, we will send BB-8 on a mission to save Baby Yoda using his on-board Machine Learning. In this lab, you will learn how to train a machine learning model and deploy it to an IoT device.
2 Your Exercise - In this lab you will change roles from the participant to the lab designer and the grading advisor.
You will use the knowledge you gained before and create a small exercise module on your own!
3 Please authenticate yourself! - NSA field agent Keith has many enemies so he doesn't feel safe at home. To ensure his safety, he wants to install a smart home system that can automatically lock down his house when a threat is detected. However, as he is no computer scientist, he doesn't know how to set it up securely. In particular, the communication between the devices is not authenticated, so his lockdown (and unlock) functionality can be abused by third parties. Help Keith secure his smart home setup (and exploit it beforehand for internet points)!
4 WWW Security - In this lab, you are going to investigate some of the most important security challenges on the WWW.
You will hack a Web server using a number of attack techniques, working your way through SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and Remote Code Execution until you gain shell access to the server and can manipulate the file system.
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