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Welcome to the iLab2 summer 2021

ilab2 2021ss

The iLab: You set the Focus! (iLab²) is a lab course offered by the Chair for Network Architectures and Services at the Technische Universität München.


This exercise covers selected network topics which are partly pre-selected by us and are partly chosen by the course from a pool of available labs. You can find a description of the exercise covered in this semester here. You will work on the exercise in teams of two students.

The lab course consists of multiple exercises. Most exercises have been developed by staff members with a closely related research focus. So you will have highly qualified experts at your disposal.


Information on applying for this lab course can be found here here.

This course is independent of the iLab 1 also offered by our chair (participating in the iLab 1 is not required). However, the iLab 2 expects some background in networking from the start of the course. Remembering the basics from the lecture "Grundlagen: Rechnernetze und Verteilte Systeme" will suffice. While it's also possible to do the course without any background we don't recommend that. In that case consider taking the iLab 1 lab course instead.
The iLab 1 covers basic networking aspects with exercises about the content of our lecture "Grundlagen: Rechnernetze und Verteilte Systeme".

Course of a Lab Module

The iLab follows a unique learning scheme:

  1. Each module begins with an overview lecture that introduces the topic. The goal of the lecture is to get a very broad overview of the topic.
  2. After the group lecture the individual preparation phase starts. Supported by multiple choice questions each team member separately acquires the theoretical background by reading the provided material in the so-called "PreLab" and looking up things she or he does not know already. This preparation ensures both team members are aware of the topic and allows them to collaborate in a meaningful way during the practical part: the Lab.
  3. The practical ("Lab") part is done by in teams of two students each. This allows a meaningful operation where two students support each other and exchange knowledge in a way that is mutually beneficial. More information on the lab part is found in the sections below.

During the Lab you will answer lots of questions directly on this web portal. After all these forms are filled out, you are done (no other things like reports have to be handed in).

organisation of the exercise

Team Factor

An important aspect of the exercise is the team aspect. Everyone is different and so we all have different approaches and experiences with the lab modules.

A key factor for good teamwork in the practical part is a good individual preparation. The practical phase is meant as a cooperation of two persons with good theoretical knowledge on the topic. You become a theoretical expert via the introductory lecture and your individual preparation ("PreLab").

Both team members usually have their focus on different aspects of the preparation and so you can assist each other and extend each other's knowledge. The benefit can be very high as everyone experiences an approaches things differently.

During the practical part you will experience two different ways of solving things and hopefully have intense discussions about the answers you are composing. This active discussion about the topics will help you to memorize the learned content even better.

Schedule of a module

The lecture (~2h) takes place during the weekly meeting. You will have access to the theoretical material for your individual preparation already before the lecture (but looking at the material beforehand is not necessary).

Then you can directly start with your individual preparation. As this part consists mostly of reading the provided material students often start doing it on the weekend.

For the practical part you usually have a time frame of one week to finish it. In case you don't make it for justified reasons we offer a one week extension (but the next exercise is already running during that time so you have to catch up quickly).

You will have your exercise testbed in our lab room reserved for one whole day during the week. You can freely interrupt your work (e.g. to attend a lecture or have lunch) during that day without anyone touching your current state of the work.

You can find the current schedule here.

Technical equipment

As you will spend some time with the equipment we tried to make it as comfortable as possible for you. You have one screen for each team member. The room is designed more like a living room than a laboratory giving you a relaxing atmosphere to work. This should also encourage exchange between teams: If you are stuck don't hesitate to speak to other teams present in the room.


Our lab room holds six testbeds. Each testbed consists of six PCs with five network interfaces each (including one wireless), two Cisco 881 routers and two switches.


Information on applying for this lab course can be found here.

To which modules does this course belong?

  • IN0012: Bachelor Practical Course (10 ECTS)
  • IN2106: Advanced Practical Course (10 ECTS)
  • IN2257: Additional Advanced Practical Course (10 ECTS)
  • IN8018: Internet Lab 2 for Electrical Engineering (6 ECTS)
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