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Welcome to the ilab2...


The ilab2 is the master level practical exercise of the Chair for Network Architectures and Services at the Technische Universität München.

The exercise covers the following modules:

  • IN8903: Praktikum im Bereich Technische Informatik (10 ECTC)
  • IN2106: Master-Praktikum (10 ECTC)

If you want to apply for the exercise you can do this here.

If you are a bachelor student the ilab is the right practical exercise for you.
The ilab covers basic networking aspects with exercises about the content of our lecture "Grundlagen: Rechnernetze und Verteilte Systeme".


This exercise covers advanced network topics.
You can find a preliminary list of topics here.

Course in winter term 2010/ 2011

In winter term 2010, you will have the second chance ever to taking part in the ilab2. Each team will perform a selection of the ten exercises and lay hands on a subset of them. The advisors will again be the technical experts of our chair.

Course in summer term 2010

The course will be available as block practical exercise. The block will be from 2010-08-09 to 2010-08-27. Registration is only possible via mail until 2010-08-01.

The course will first take place in the upcoming semester so in summer term 2010.

For this first year the course will be special and require special skills:
We accept ten students with sophisticated background in computer networks.
You will form teams of two people.

Each exercise is correlated to a staff member as tutor.
So you will have a highly qualified expert for each exercise!

At the kickoff in the first week of the semester each team picks two exercises it is willing to perform during the semester.

This single time (it is a one time course model) your aim will not be just to perform an exercise but to prepare it for future master students using the labsystem.
This is why you need to be especially skilled this semester which means you should be somehow familiar with Linux and the topics of the ilab.

You will prepare the prelab, its multiple choice questions as well as the lab according to and together with your staff member advisor.
So, in the upcoming semesters the master students will perform your exercises!


You will have roughly around 6 weeks for one exercise by the current schedule.

You will have your exercise testbed reserved for one whole day in the week.
You are free in setting your "in lab" timeslots on this day.

We will probably have a short group meeting once a week or every second week.

Technical equipment

Our testbed consists of six Ubuntu-PCs with 5 network interfaces each (one wireless).
Additionally we have two Cisco 881 routers.
You can find a drawing here.


If you are willing to accept the challenge and perform a little different practical exercise: we are looking forward to your application!

If you know someone who might be interested, tell her/ him!

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